Wine & Beer

Organic Vegetarian Breakfast Cuisine
Everything is warmed fresh at the Garden Cafe on the Green and we do not use microwaves. Some menu items may take a few minutes longer to serve
A 20% gratuity will be added to parties over 6
*Reservations highly recommended on weekends and holidays.

Old Fashioned Oatmeal
a hearty bowl of organic slow cooked oatmeal with a dash of cinnamon and fruit compote 5

Oatmeal “Crème Brule”
oatmeal baked creamy custard style with a brule of brown sugar and wholewheat toast 5

Pan Seared Corn Grit Wedge
served with maple syrup and your choice of roasted potatoes or vegan sausage (GF with potatoes) 6

Maple Granola
our homemade granola 5
add fresh fruit 1

wholegrain or cinnamon raisin 2  

Dried Fruit or Nuts
Choose either almonds, cashews, walnuts, raisins or apricots .75  

Vegan Sausage
2 pan seared sausage patties 4  
Tofu Scrambles

scrambled with onions then pick two: mushrooms, red bell pepper, spinach, or tomato with wholegrain toast 6.50
add: vegan cheddar, avocado or vegan sausage for additional $1.50

Breakfast Roll Up served with Roasted Potatoes
basic scramble with onions rolled into a wholewheat tortilla and grilled, then pick two: tomato, mushroom, spinach or red bell peppers 8.50
add: vegan cheddar, avocado or vegan sausage for additional $1.50

spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, herbs, served with grilled baguette & roasted potatoes 8

Breakfast Burrito
black beans, tofu scramble, vegan cheddar, salsa and guacamole 9.00
served with roasted potatoes
Bread and Sweets

Fruit Pancakes
three pancakes, with seasonal fruit, served with maple syrup and earth balance (vegan butter) 7

your choice from our daily assortment of whole-grain muffings, always including gluten-free choices 2.5

Cinnamon Maple French Toast
whole-grain bread with maple syrup or agave 6

Vegan Sausage patties 4

Wholegrain Toast 2

Small oatmeal 3

Roasted potatoes 4

Cornbread 4

Sauteed Greens 4

All fruit is organic except for the blueberries   7

Banana Latte
Chocolate soymilk, coffee, bananas, cinnamon   7

Berry Ambrosia
Bananas, blueberries, strawberries, coconut milk, orange juice   7

Garden Cafe Tea Pots

English Breakfast (regular or decaf) Earl Grey, Coconut Cream, Mayan Chai, Mexican Chocolate, Coconut Vanilla Chai 3

Kukicha, Chinese Sencha, Jasmine White 3

Coconut Vanilla, Mayan, Rooibus 3

Chamomile, Meeting of the Mints, Fresh Ginger, Orange Detox, Rooibos 3

Garden Cafe Coffee

Organic Fair trade from Catskill Mountain Coffee

Regular or Decaf   1.5
Refills .50

Coffee to go Large 2   Medium 1.75

Garden Cafe Soda, Water and Fruit Jucies

Izze Assorted Flavors 2.5

Reeds Ginger Ale (contains honey) 2.5

Virgils Cream Soda (contains honey) 2.5

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice 3.5

San Pellegrino Water 5
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